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Liya Endale

Founder & CEO

Liya Endale is an Ethiopian born American citizen who left her birth-land due to political strife. As an asylum seeker in The Netherlands for five years, she and her family learned to speak Dutch and got quite accustomed to snowy winters and beautiful summers. Her journey would then take her to Texas and, finally, Atlanta, Georgia where she now resides with her husband and son.

As a trilingual eight year old, she learned to see the world through different lenses. This sparked her interest to write poetry, pros and short stories, a hobby that would last her entire life. She currently has two book, Shades of Home: Perspectives on Identity by the Young Ethiopian/Eritrean Identity and Contradictions. The former is a collection of pros, poetry, essays, short stories and photography from young Ethiopians and Eritreans living outside of their homelands that Liya has worked to collect and edit with her sister, Mahlet Endale. The latter is a memoir of poetry and pros written by Liya. Both can be found at or by contacting Amsale Abegaz

Upon receiving her masters in Professional Counseling with an emphasis in school counseling, Liya began working as a high school counselor. While receiving her degree at the University of Georgia,she began speaking to the youth in her community about the tools she and her family have used to overcome obstacles in their lives, how she discovered her talents and her voice and how she is using that voice to change this world. With the mission of helping young people do the same, she has performed her poetry, delivered motivational speeches and has created a series of spoken-word and creative writing workshops for young people. To learn more, visit these sections of the website now.


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