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We believe that dispelling myths about Africa is important for all our well being. That is why we are committed to hosting journeys to Ethiopia, focusing on members of the African diaspora (though there's always room for all inquiring minds).


Ethiopia plays a central role in the liberation narrative for Africans around the world. It is the only African nation to successfully defeat colonization. It is the first state in the world to adopt Christianity. It claims to house the Ark of the Covenant. It is home to the largest source of the Nile river. It contains magnificent castles and ancient churches. It has a history of strength, intelligence and rich culture.

Our educational journeys focus on service learning projects in Kutaber, our headquarters in Ethiopia, as well as learning about Ethiopian culture and Africa's contributions to mathematics, science, and history around the world. Additional traveling can be arranged and catered to your budget and interests. We will announce our next trip on social media and on our website. Stay tuned for an opportunity to apply at that time.

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